Our Services

We provide what Local Law 5 and Local Law 26 requires:

  • Fire Safety Directors / Emergency Action Plan Directors (EAP)
    • Office Building, Hotels and Hospitals
  • Fire Safety Guards
    • When your alarm system malfunctions: Don't shut your building down!! We keep your
      building staffed around the clock with our New York Certified Fireguards
  • OSHA 10 Fire Safety Guards
    • For site safety construction as per local law 41 of the rules of the city of New York
  • Monthly Testing
    • Fire communication systems
    • Elevators: Fireman's service #1, Fireman's service #2
  • Violations
    • Metro Fire Safety can help you correct fire violations
  • Inspections
    • Fire Alarm Systems to include: Warden phones, pull boxes, fail safe systems, speakers & strobes
  • Fire Extinguishers
    • Annual and Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers as required by the Rules of the City of New York, May 2000
  • Fire Drills
    • Office Buildings to include: Hotels, schools, occupied buildings of all varieties